Kodiak Sisters Fish

Fresh Alaskan seafood direct from the family who caught it.

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Fresh Seafood Delivered Straight From the Source

Our seafood is handled by fewer people and with greater care: it never goes through the heavy equipment that canneries use, which lowers the quality of the seafood and firmness of the meat. We also ensure higher quality fish by bleeding it right away on the boat unlike most commercially-caught fish.

Typically seafood processed by regional, national, and international processors has been on the boats longer, held at a processing location longer, and then it sits in a seafood display or in a package at the supermarket for longer. Why wait? You only compromise on quality.

Unlike larger commercial outfits that fish far from their home ports, we fish around Kodiak, where we live. And because our fish was caught right here in our home community, we have a vested interest in maintaining relationships with fellow community members and keeping our harvest sustainable in the long term.

About Us

The Odlin family is a family with deep roots in the fishing industry. Owner and Captain Mak Odlin is the son, grandson, nephew, and brother to many fellow fishermen and began his fishing career at the young age of 14. Mak's wife Michelle is also instrumental in the family business, always helping from the shore in whatever capacity she is needed.

Pictured here are Mak and his two oldest daughters, both of whom join him on fishing trips each year (and beg to go back as soon as they return). Your salmon may just have been bled by one of these tough fishing girls!